Leah grew up feeling like something was wrong with her. She always felt… Different. So she turned to Religion, hoping she could find peace within the worship of God. Leah became a born again Chrisitan and joined Religous mission groups like Campus Crusade for Christ. Leah was hoping that Religion would “fix” her. She just wanted to feel like a normal, and have a normal life.

But, having a “normal” life was gonna be much harder for Leah. Amongst the chaos of having six sisters and one brother, Leah was raised by scientist hippies on the outskirts of Seattle. So it wasn’t until Leah enrolled in the Airforce did she find the normalcy she was seeking.

One summer Leah was in Campus Crusade for Christ when she discovered why she felt so “Different.” That summer, Leah fell in love with a girl from another campus. They kept it hidden for a long time. Finally, one night they separately told their friends about their relationship and were told that what they were doing was wrong and they should never see each other again. They took their friends advice and stopped seeing each other. Leah was heartbroken and way more confused.

Most gay teens struggle with families that are super religious and judgmental where Leah’s family was progressive, open-minded and smart. It was Leah who was struggling. Her self-imposed Religion had her second guessing not only who sexuality, but who she was as a person.

Leah spent most of her youth battling the teachings of God versus the discovery of lesbianism. In fact, she never truly identified as a lesbian until she was in her mid twenty’s serving in the U.S. Airforce. It was the first time she hung out with a group of people who were gay and didn’t care. Then one night, everything changed for Leah when she went home drunk with a girl from a gay bar.


More info and episodes available at www.PunchedUpPodcast.com 

Find out more about Comedian Leah Mansfield :

Twitter : @LeahMansfield

Facebook : Leah Mansfield


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