You already know comedian Becky Robinson, but you probably just don’t recognize her without her wigs. Becky is known for doing bigger than life characters like Alan Ginsberg. “The World’s Youngest Billionaire Tech” which “Mashable” and “Funny or Die” featured at a few tech conventions last year. Becky also has a character named Deb, who gives tours around hot spots in Los Angeles. Today, we are focusing on her latest character, “Ziggy” from MTV’s Wild N’ Out sketch show.

Becky recently made television history with her character “Ziggy” while playing “The Hating Game” with Jay Leno on Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out.

This story is about sticking to your guns. Knowing your strengths and believing in your ability to deliver. A classic Hollywood tale of rejection and triumph.

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Find out more about Comedian Becky Robinson:

Twitter : @beckyrrobinson

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